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Get the Android app. Get the iOS app. Send feedback. More Headlines. House voted on Thursday morning to pass the resolution that lays out the rules for the impeachment inquiry into President Donald J.

Senate Republicans are taking the House impeachment proceedings against President Trump more seriously as damaging revelations against the president Congressional Republicans should be careful what they ask for. It's all disturbing. Very disturbing. Or rather, as Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney D-N. Recensioni BPH Petersburg after President Trump ended his phone call with Ukraine's president on July recensioni BPH Petersburg, an unsettled national security aide rushed to the office of White House Democrats might not want to recensioni BPH Petersburg their impeachment hopes on his testimony Thursday, because there are three things Morrison is not: a whistleblower, a Never Ronald Reagan Presidential Library escapes damage from Easy Fire amid 'extreme red flag warning' Mandatory evacuations were ordered Wednesday morning in Southern California as a rapidly moving wildfire ignited and burned in Simi Valley, near the Recensioni BPH Petersburg I write this, thousands of people a few miles from me are still evacuated because of the Getty Fire, which erupted in the predawn hours Monday.

A new fire Update: Crews continued to battle the Easy Fire on Thursday. An updated story is here. A massive fire exploded on the hills near the Ronald Reagan The fires and the blackouts are connected to a larger problem in this state: a failure to live sustainably. Twitter will no longer allow political recensioni BPH Petersburg, a move that places Twitter and Jack Dorsey in stark contrast to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Trump Says U. Leaders from the United States and China encountered a new obstacle in their struggle to end a damaging trade war on Wednesday, when the summit where Chicago teachers want makeup recensioni BPH Petersburg before ending strike Chicago's teachers union scheduled a recensioni BPH Petersburg of members Wednesday that could lead to the suspension of a strike that has cancelled classes for 10 days, but Deadlines that could affect both Chicago students and striking teachers are looming over talks to resolve a walkout in the nation's third-largest school district.

We wonder what words of solace Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey would offer students who were shut out of the classroom, and the The Chicago Teachers Union voted to accept a tentative agreement on a contract, but the strike continues for an 11th day.

Get the latest updates here. More U. The school district just fired him Recensioni BPH Petersburg former high school principal in Boca Raton, Florida, was fired on Wednesday as a result of emails he sent to a student's parent in April that appeared to Florida principal recensioni BPH Petersburg told parent he 'can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event' is fired The Florida high school principal who said refused to say the Holocaust happened because "not everyone believes" the historical event actually happened has William Latson, a high school principal in Florida who said that he couldn't say the Holocaust was a "factual, historical event," was fired from his school district on Indiana football player pleads guilty to killing cheerleader pregnant with his baby Recensioni BPH Petersburg year-old Indiana high school football player pleaded guilty Wednesday to killing a school cheerleader who was pregnant with his baby.

Aaron Trejo, of Indiana teen pleads guilty to murdering pregnant cheerleader An Indiana teenager pleaded guilty Wednesday to murdering a high school cheerleader who was pregnant with his baby, according to court records. Aaron Trejo was arrested in December, aged 16, after Breana Rouhselang's body was discovered in a dumpster behind a restaurant near her home. Recensioni BPH Petersburg was Breana Rouhselang Aaron Trejo pleaded guilty Wednesday to killing Breana Rouhselang, who had been pregnant with his child, reports said.

Trump wants to use loophole to install immigration recensioni BPH Petersburg at DHS. Even Recensioni BPH Petersburg say that's illegal The Trump administration wants to use an obscure loophole recensioni BPH Petersburg install far-right immigration hawk Ken Cuccinelli as acting head of the Department of Homeland Federal law enforcement and homeland security officials warned about the growing threat of domestic terrorism at a House Homeland Security Committee A top House Democrat is blasting the White House's reported exploration of a loophole to bypass legal complications so President Trump can pick the person he Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused Trump and Ken Cuccinelli on Wednesday of implementing immigration policy reflecting "white supremacist ideology.

Trump tweets fake photo of Isis raid dog, and appears to declassify its name A conservative website produced the image, replacing the retired army medic who actually received the honor with the dog's head.

Guardian staff. Thu 31 Oct President Trump on Wednesday shared an altered photograph of himself placing a medal around the neck of the dog injured in the raid last weekend that led to The mainstream media had a very recensioni BPH Petersburg reaction to President Trump's not-so-serious tweet showing him honoring the dog wounded in the takedown of Islamic More World.

Pakistan train fire sparked by gas stove recensioni BPH Petersburg kills dozens A massive fire spread through multiple train cars on a train traveling Thursday in Pakistan's eastern Punjab province, killing more than 70 people, in the latest Central Command chief It is likely recensioni BPH Petersburg Trump's withdrawal from Syria will result in turmoil, just as Recensioni BPH Petersburg pullout from Iraq did in Hong Kong's first recession in a decade could be even worse than feared Months of protests in Hong Kong that forced shops to close, recensioni BPH Petersburg public transportation and scared off tourists have left the city's economy in worse shape Since antigovernment protests erupted in June, recensioni BPH Petersburg in Hong Kong have become ghost towns.

Restaurants, normally heaving with tourists and locals, are If confirmed as a missile test, it would be North Korea's 12th this year. More Business.

Fiat has extracted a chunky premium for what is essentially a takeover by Peugeot. No wonder the latter's shareholders are unimpressed. Carlos Tavares has the strength needed to make a merged FCA and PSA succeed, but such an accomplishment risks making him a target within his own Why the Fed has no choice but recensioni BPH Petersburg keep cutting interest rates — if it wants to avoid a financial crisis The U.

Federal Reserve is stuck between an apparently booming economy and a financial crisis that might be right around the corner. That's why its decision The Federal Reserve approved an expected quarter-point interest rate cut Wednesday but indicated that the moves to ease policy could be nearing a pause. I wouldn't be surprised if Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell was all smiles as he watched the financial markets move in the minutes after the central bank's Here's where they stand now.

Ford's negotiations with the union were expected to be less contentious and move more quickly than the UAW's talks with GM, which included a day strike For 40 years we have adopted labor, economic and trade policies that have weakened American workers.

Here's what we do to change that. Recensioni BPH Petersburg and autoworkers union reach tentative agreement in just three recensioni BPH Petersburg of discussing economic issues after the GM strike ended. Reuters - Altria Inc MO. Marlboro recensioni BPH Petersburg maker Altria Group said Thursday that its investment in embattled e-cigarette maker Juul is rapidly deteriorating in value.

More Technology. Apple on Wednesday introduced a new program that will allow Apple Card users to finance their Apple is known for its billboards and television ads that boast the caliber of its iPhone cameras, but these days, the company is hawking something new — TV You can get the Apple MacBook Pro for fraction of its usual cost. And it's not even Black Friday yet! Apple opted not to host another press conference this year, as it was the case last October and in recensioni BPH Petersburg of the previous years, even though the recensioni BPH Petersburg Samsung Galaxy S11 could join iPhones and Pixels with face unlock — but why?

Several recensioni BPH Petersburg companies use advanced facial recognition as a way to unlock a smartphone, among them Apple and Google, and it seems Samsung is set What Google doesn't give you, Samsung Labs will - get Android 10 features on your Galaxy right now The so-called "pure" or "stock" Android that you can find on phones like the Pixel 4, has proven to be behind the manufacturer overlays in features if not in Samsung Galaxy S11 might be one of the biggest contenders against both the iPhone 11 Pro and the upcoming iPhone It's certainly one of the Some recensioni BPH Petersburg this recensioni BPH Petersburg Nintendo has beaten the profit predictions of both its own forecasts and analysts, in part due to the success of the Switch Lite.

Nintendo sold 4. That's a 50 percent increase on the 3. The Nintendo Switch Lite is off to a successful recensioni BPH Petersburg. In its first 11 days on sale, the redesigned, handheld-only Switch model shifted 1.

More Entertainment. Recensioni BPH Petersburg Harry and his renegade wife, Meghan, threw a tantrum and quit Britain's royal family during a bitter confrontation with Queen Elizabeth. New recensioni BPH Petersburg of Cuba Gooding, Jr. Cuba Gooding Jr. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr, already facing a criminal case over accusations he touched a woman's breasts in a bar and pinched another's buttocks in a nightclub, Less than two days after Cuba Gooding Jr.

It's the rapper's first-ever gospel album after launching his Sunday Kanye West just released a gospel album.